Friday, 27 December 2019

Change Your BVN Date of Birth and Name Following these Simple Procedures

The Bank Verification Number commonly called BVN is a biometric identification system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to gives each Bank customer a unique identity across the Nigerian Banking industry that can be used for easy identification and to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria.

How to check your BVN on your phone

To check your BVN on your mobile phone, dial *565*0#

The Nigerian Interbank Settlement System will display your Bank Verification Number on your phone.

Benefits of Bank Verification Number (BVN):

Your BVN gives you a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry, as it is not peculiar to one Bank.

Your Bank Accounts are protected from unauthorized access.

It reduces fraudulent activities on bank account.

It gives easy access to Banking operations.

Your BVN is accepted as a means of identification across ALL Nigerian Banks.

Several people are having one problem or the other with their BVN details which include, the wrong date of birth or names wrongly captured during enrollment.
If your BVN details varies from your bank accounts details you may be denied access to funds in your bank account.
To obtain your BVN number you can dial *565*0# and the BVN will be sent to your registered mobile number, you may also visit your bank branch to print your BVN biodata page.

How To Update and Correct Your BVN Details.

To update your BVN data or makes corrections to your name, date of birth and phone number on the BVN platform, you will need the following documents.

Date of Birth : A birth certificate having your correct name and date of birth is required or a sworn declaration of age and a valid regulatory identity card.

Name Change: If you want to change your name due to marriage (female) a marriage certificate will be required.

Name Change (reasons other than marriage) : A valid regulatory identity card having your correct name and date of birth will be required along with a sworn affidavit and newspaper publication

Phone Number Update : A valid regulatory identity card (voter card, NIMC, international passport) is required and a letter of instruction or BVN correction form.

So kindly visit any of your bank branches with the above mentioned documents to complete the BVN correction form and it will be effected within 48-72 working hours, point to note is that BVN correction is free of charge.


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