Wednesday, 4 December 2019

TRUE LIFE STORY: Man Forced To Marry His Ex-Girlfriend. See The Reason

A friend of mine attended a wedding in Abuja last Saturday 30th Nov. 2019, when he got to the church, the bride he saw was different from the one that was introduced to everyone during the traditional wedding.
Out of curiosity , he started asking what happened, then he was told the story of his life, a story i only see on tv.

To cut the long story short, the bride ran away a week to the white wedding, and the family of the guy out of anger and in a bid to save their family name (because is a royal wedding) asked their son if he has anyone (girl) he can use to replace the run-away bride, he now remembered his ex, the royal family went to the girl's family, pleaded with the parents and offered a lot of money to allow their son marry their daughter.

The girl's family and the girl agreed, within a week, all traditional marriage rites was concluded and on Saturday, the lady was taken to the altar as a bride and the weeding took place.

Big Question

Can you marry your ex?

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