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If you are a Nigerian working in a private sector, or a self employed individual, its important for you to know that you should obtain your TIN number to prevent being suspended from Banking Services

The TIN number will serve as an enforced initiative assigned to both individuals and companies to be pointed out as Registered Tax Payers in Nigeria. Companies will be able to use this measure to verify their employees and those they do business with.

The Joint Tax board (JTB) in Nigeria has made the process of getting your TIN number very easy and please be mindful that the process is entirely free. With your TIN number, the Taxes you pay will be fully accounted for and there will be no need to Multiple Taxation Costs to you.

Follow the steps below:


You can obtain at any tax office close to you. Thereafter, the submitted form will be verified and the TIN number issued.
Procedures for doing this are as follows:

1. Filling of the compulsory sections on the form marked by an asterisks (*);
2. The characters of the name as well as address filled on the form(including symbols and letters) must not exceed 200;
3. Having an active and unique email address to be used in the application process;
4. Enter eleven digits for mobile phone number (e.g. 08033333333).

A self-employed individual whose enterprise is not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) will need to do the following:

A duly completed TIN application form
A current and valid identification document (such as international passport, National Drivers’ License, National Identity Card, Staff Identity Card)

Then for an Enterprise, Company or Business registered with the CAC seeking TIN number are:

A duly completed TIN application form
Business name registration certificate (for Enterprise or Business) or Certificate of incorporation (for Companies) showing the registration number in either case
Documents showing the following information
Principal location of the business
The date of commencement of the business
The current address of the business
After going through any of the steps explained above, you will proceed to the Tax office to update your records. Do note that you will need your email address and phone number to complete your registration(the same as previously used).

You can still do this at the Tax office.


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