Friday, 6 December 2019

We Collect Bribes To Pick Players For National Team - Nigeria National Team Coach Confessed. See Why

The issue of coaches collecting bribes to pick players who will play for Nigeria at senior level has been on for a while with many insisting that it's the norm for players who want to play for the national team of Nigeria to pay bribes.

Despite the fact that Salisu Yusuf was slapped with a ban after he was filmed collecting money from undercover journalist posing as football agents to include the duo of Rabiu Ali and Osas Okoro in his 2018 team for the African Nations Championship, most coaches are still invole in the act.

One of the coaches with the youth teams of Nigeria confessed that they had to resort to taking bribes to pick players because it is the surest way for them to make money to take care of their family as most ‎of them are not on salary but on allowances with the national team of Nigeria.

" My brother how do you expect us to survive with a body like the NFF who don't pay us but only give us allowances base on matches played. You can ask most of the local coaches are working without contracts", he said.

" On one of such occasion, a coach with one of the national teams was called that his children have been sent home from school because they were unable to pay school fees. The same coach has agents offering money for him to pick their players, you know it's logical for him to be tempted".

On if the case of Yusuf who was suspended due to allegation bothering on such practice, the coach said it's a case of being unlucky and that hasn't deter other coaches from doing same rather it has made them smarter.

" These days we use proxies to collect what we are due. Yusuf's case was an eye opener and it has made many wiser. It hasn't in anyway affected the practice. The thinking is that he was unlucky to be caught and that has made the other coaches to be smarter. Many times these agents pass through members of the NFF and journalists ".

On the way forward, the coach who is a part of the recent batch of coaches who have been asked to reapply for their position after the expiration of their contracts said the NFF should make sure the coaches are not placed on salaries but also the payment should be regular.

" It's not a coincidence that our youth teams did poorly under the system of no pay for assistant coaches. The NFF need to abolish that practice and place the coaches on salary. If that is done it won't be hard to punish any coach who is caught wanting ".



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