Monday, 17 February 2020

Wickedness: Mother Stabbed Infant 90 Times With Scissors For Biting her While Breastfeeding

Mother Stabbed Infant Several Times With Scissors For Biting her While Breastfeeding

A child is the joy of a mother, the fruit of the womb is a blessing to the parents.
But that is not the case of a mother in Eastern China who Stabbed her child just because of a bite while breastfeeding.

Eight-month-old Xiao Bao was found bleeding in the backyard. His uncle took him to the healthcare facility in Eastern China where the child received treatment The child obtained 120 stitches in order to be steady.

The stitches can be seen on his face, hands and also legs.

The mother was no where to be found however the child was seriously wounded with over 120 stitches. Which got me wondering if she wanted to kill the child. How can a person stab their own child ruthlessly?

What kind of mother will do such a thing to her own child?
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