Friday, 20 March 2020

Coronavirus Fear : Three Persons Hospitalized After Taking Hand Sanitizer

According to a recent report from Kenya, three persons were hospitalized after they consumed hand sanitizer.
Since the outbreak and the global widespread of the coronavirus COVID19, hand sanitizer has become a hot commodity and these three persons thought it was an antidote to the virus.
The report has it that this three individuals whose name were given as Chris, Onoka and Crisantus took ill after they took the hand sanitizer.
Dr. Kihusa told a journalist that the three persons took the hand sanitizer thinking it was an antidote to the virus (COVID19). They started complaining of stomach pains, severe headaches which led to puking before they confessed to consuming hand sanitizer.
This development took place after the Kakamega County Teaching and Referral hospital noticed that the hand sanitizer keep disappearing from the exam rooms.
The hospital management has vowed to take necessary measures to make sure that such case does not happen again.


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